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Why choose Joondalup Sports Remedial Massage?


  • Our Clinic is set up in a medical style to deliver a friendly and professional service.
  • Our Team cares about the client, and goes the extra mile when we can.
  • Our Myofascial Release Massage is a whole-body, “Seek and Treat” massage, treating the whole body, but bringing it back to the symptoms to ensure we have resolved and addressed the actual causes.
  • Our SMART ™ therapists work with the client to assess, treat and develop strategies that facilitate an ongoing positive change in the client.
  • Our Personal Trainers are highly skilled and passionate about delivering the best self-care and whole-body training.
  • Our Team Leaders study under the most influential world leaders in Soft Tissue Therapy, Myofascial Research, and Movement Education to bring you the most effective massage and training techniques.

And because ...

... we are ...

... awesome!