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Finally! Warmer weather and sunshine has arrived!
What a winter it has been.
How have you spent the colder months?

  • Active and healthy,
  • Resting and recovering, or
  • Overworking and over training.

What action do you need to take now?

Many will feel motivated (maybe guilted) into trying to cram for fitness over the next few weeks to make up for winter inactivity.

Quite a few are recovering from seasonal illnesses.

Others have worked hard for their sporting goals, enjoying the fruits of their labour, and some have pushed through dealing with training injuries.


No matter which group you are in, consider where you are right now, and consider the steps you need to take moving forward.

Regular monthly massage is how we keep performing week after week. This simple maintenance program is the minimum for most people, whether working actively in the workforce or confined to an indoor workplace.

It is now recognized that any extended period of time in one position whether seated or standing is going to be detrimental to long term posture and health. The simple habit of a monthly massage helps to identify early dysfunction and helps you, the client, to understand how your work or job is affecting your posture and future health, allowing you to take control and make positive changes at the earliest stages.


A note to those who train frequently and intensively

You may well require more frequent massage to ensure that early damage from over-training is addressed and ongoing training injuries are minimized.



Foam Rolling, Remedial Exercise and Legally Enhanced Performance

Many of our clients have invested in learning the skill of foam rolling.
Remedial Exercise or Myofascial Fitness is where it all comes together.
Legally Performed Enhancement is the result.

Massage identifies what is going on.
Foam rolling is the self-care skill to self-treat at home BETWEEN regular massages.
It does not replace regular massage, but enables you to stay looser for longer.
Remedial Exercise is how we take you from dysfunctional to functional.


The human body is designed to move

The human body is designed to move and will stiffen up with insufficient movement. Loading the body with too much work or exercise also causes the body to stiffen as it seeks to protect you from overstrain injury.

Remedial exercise can show you how to undo the effects of overtraining, and undertraining. Overtraining will shorten targeted muscle groups and open you up to training injury risk. Undertraining or not moving enough will result in poor range of motion and movement patterns.

Regular myofascial movement based exercise with zero to minimal added weight can help retrain the body for better posture, better balance and better performance. Under the supervision of a qualified Fascial Fitness Professional, simple exercise and movements repeated 3 times a week effectively begins to retrain the body for correct movement.


Remedial exercise combined with regular massage
and foam rolling means the benefits are enhanced,
regardless of age and ability.

If you, or your family, friends and colleagues are

  • Serious about sport or recreational activity,
  • Dealing with chronic pain and discomfort at work
  • Recovering from work or sport related injury

Come and talk to us about how this 3 stage program can specifically help to

  • Reduce the risk of training injuries
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Make it easier to move, work, play
  • And Legally Enhance Performance.

Wishing you the best for a fun filled spring and summer,

The Team at JSR Massage

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